All of the officials from the club are given relevant training and accreditation with Swim England. The group of volunteers that take up this mantle are generally parents of the current and former swimmers that lend their time to allow all ages to compete.

Swimming is a sport which requires much time and dedication on the part of our children.  However, our success as a club is dependent not only on our ability to be competitive in the water, but also on its many volunteers. Volunteering is an integral part of our club .          

It takes a lot of energy and time for the coaches to plan seasonal outlines, training plans and daily sessions not to mention the actual time and energy spent on the pool side for workouts and competitions.  Rugby wants its coaches to continue to focus their efforts directly on the athletes, your swimmers, which creates a need for parents to help out behind the scenes with planning/running major events, assisting with some administrative tasks, timing , and many other small but crucial jobs as well.  Rugby would be just an ordinary club if it were not for the hard work and contributions of you, the parents, who give it life and atmosphere.                      

Please keep our club alive and volunteer  -

Officials are broken into three areas for Swim England - Referees / Judges/ Timekeepers

For us there are also club officials that actively take a role in running the club.