Mission Statement

Rugby Swimming Club (RSC) has a proud 50-year history in the town, offering both Speed and Artistic swimming sections. In addition, a small number of swimmers compete in Open Water and Masters events.

Our aim is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the coaching and development of swimming, and to provide the opportunity and the encouragement which enables all members to reach their full potential within the sport of swimming.

Entering now into its 52nd year, the club is committed to expanding its reach within the town and surrounding villages, to promote a healthy sporting lifestyle for swimmers; and would like to encourage and deepen our memberships diversity and social origin.

The club will always ensure its culture promotes a warm and compassionate environment, that recognises both mental and physical wellbeing.  Good discipline and a respectful attitude to others is the core of the club’s DNA and bullying or anti-social behaviour will never be tolerated. 

RSC believe that there are many benefits to be gained from participating in organised sport, and our objective is to provide every member with the opportunity to achieve success and attain their full potential as a swimmer, and as a person.


Our sister section Artistic Swimming have the same committee but are run under the "Synchro" Section.